About Me

My family and I have always been in love with Italy and seven years ago we decided to permanently move to the beautiful unspoiled region of Abruzzo where I would continue my work and passion as a photographer. Our central location bases me perfectly for weddings all over Italy where I tend to specialise in wedding photography in Rome and Sorrento.

Italy is a beautiful and challenging environment for a photographer. A wedding in central Rome requires quick reactions in the vibrant and sometimes chaotic streets of Rome whereas a wedding in the dramatic mountain lined lakes of Northern Italy creates a very different and constantly changing natural light to be working with.


My style is unobtrusive, candid and original, preserving the memories of your wedding without imposing on your day, providing you with a beautiful, inspiring and timeless collection of photographs.

Whichever package you choose all the finished images are given to you, enabling you to print and share them however you wish.

Each couple will also have their own private online gallery where they can view, share and download their images directly ensuring that they, and their family, can get their wedding images as quickly as possible. Not only that they can also order professional quality prints directly from the gallery at the most competitive prices.

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