An Italian Wedding from the movies!

Italy is one of the most beautiful places in the world for weddings and if you are thinking of having your wedding in Italy maybe this blog can give you some inspiration and ideas.

Italian Italy wedding photographer-54

Firstly since there is such a wealth of locations to choose I’ll put up another blog on places to get married in Italy and for the purposes of this one we can look at the different elements that make up your wedding day. As a wedding photographer I love the preparations, they make for some great shots.

Italian Italy wedding photographer-5And it’s not just for the girls, it’s a great chance to shoot the groom, best-man and the grooms side of the wedding party.

It’s also a chance to photograph some of the little details that make your day unique, the dresses, the shoes, the wedding favors.

However, more than anything it’s the perfect time to photograph the bride! Wedding photography in Italy is made somewhat easier when you have fantastic locations such as this to capture these images.


This wedding was on the shores of Lake Como, starting off in Varenna with Bellagio in the background on the opposite side of the lake.

Italian Italy wedding photographer-29


This was a truly multicultural wedding with one family from Ireland, the bride’s, and the other from New Zealand! Italy was the perfect midpoint for the wedding.


Italian Italy wedding photographer-31

With the bride ready and the groom safely departed and out of sight it was time to leave.

Italian Italy wedding photographer-37

The trip to Villa Balbianello is stunning as you turn around the peninisula of Bellagio, who could resist a selfie!

Italian Italy wedding photographer-43

Note that with weddings on Lake Como normal modes of wedding transport are not that practical!

Italian Italy wedding photographer-44Italian Italy wedding photographer-45

The ceremony takes place at the peak of the hill overlooking lake Como, you may well recognise this scene from many of the famous films set here including Star Wars and James Bond!

Italian Italy wedding photographer-54Italian Italy wedding photographer-55Italian Italy wedding photographer-57Italian Italy wedding photographer-60Italian Italy wedding photographer-62Italian Italy wedding photographer-64

After the ceremony the couple and the wedding party are allowed to enter the gardens of the Villa for a  private photo shoot.

Italian Italy wedding photographer-73Italian Italy wedding photographer-75Italian Italy wedding photographer-77Italian Italy wedding photographer-81Italian Italy wedding photographer-84Italian Italy wedding photographer-85Italian Italy wedding photographer-86Italian Italy wedding photographer-87Italian Italy wedding photographer-88

A boat trip back to the opposite shore took us to the reception venue just down from Varenna.

Italian Italy wedding photographer-93Italian Italy wedding photographer-96Italian Italy wedding photographer-99Italian Italy wedding photographer-101Italian Italy wedding photographer-103Italian Italy wedding photographer-105Italian Italy wedding photographer-106Italian Italy wedding photographer-108

As the sun dipped behind the mountains we headed inside for the speeches and the wedding breakfast.

Italian Italy wedding photographer-110Italian Italy wedding photographer-111Italian Italy wedding photographer-113Italian Italy wedding photographer-115Italian Italy wedding photographer-116Italian Italy wedding photographer-118

Followed of course by cake, sparklers and an evening of dancing.

Italian Italy wedding photographer-121Italian Italy wedding photographer-125Italian Italy wedding photographer-129Italian Italy wedding photographer-131Italian Italy wedding photographer-132Italian Italy wedding photographer-133Italian Italy wedding photographer-134


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