Italian Beach Wedding Ideas! Off the Beaten Track Weddings in Italy.

As an Italian wedding photographer I get to see every conceivable type of wedding venues from castles, villas, beaches and vineyards. In locations such as Lake Como in the North to Ravello in the South, not forgetting in between, Tuscany, Rome and Abruzzo. The last place on that list might be a new one for you but Abruzzo in the heart of the true Italy is becoming a more and more popular location. Why? Two reasons, firstly it has all of the above, ancient castles, award winning vineyards and great beaches. However secondly it has something unique for Italy, relatively little tourism, meaning you get to see the true Italy, the friendliest people and the best food!

jhalesfotografia Italian wedding photographer (41 of 700)

Now if you like the sound of Abruzzo why not take advantage of the fact that you can get married right on the beach, no less a private beach with all the facilities you need to have the complete wedding experience all in one place.

JHales Fotografia Italian wedding photographer-4

At the Hotel Ambasciatori I’ve had the pleasure of dipping my toes in the Adriatic sea many times whilst photographing all kinds of weddings! Whether it be a smaller or larger weddings or a same sex ceremony the couples can have their legally binding ceremony right on the sand! Or even in the gardens.

JHales Fotografia Italian wedding photographer-539

As you can see from the selection of photographs below every part of the day from beginning to end is beautifully and uniquely crafted to suit each couple.


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