Rocca di Papa weddings Rome Jhales fotografia Villa Palazzola

Beautiful Weddings in reach of Rome. Part Two.

Weddings in Rocca di Papa, featuring Villa Palazzola.
Couples that are looking for wedding locations within easy reach of Rome often look to the region south of Rome where you have outstanding countryside, lakes, the coast and stunning hilltop towns such as Rocca di Papa. And if you are looking for a lakeside venue then why not look at a wedding at Villa Palazzola.
The Villa Palazzola is a wedding venue just outside the town of Rocca di Papa on the shores of lago Albano, famous for the Papal retreat on the opposite shore in Castel Gandolfo. The Villa Palazzola is a 13th century Cistercian monastery where the couple and their guests can all stay together to immerse themselves in the venue, the grounds and of course celebrate a typical Italian wedding!
The bride and her wedding party can prepare themselves in one of the many rooms in the Palazzola. These preparations are a great way to start the wedding photography.
Capturing all the emotion and anticipation before the bride walks down the aisle.
There is a beautiful chapel for the wedding ceremony at Villa Palazzola.
And then afterwards the bride and groom get to leave to the delight of their guests to enjoy the Italian wedding reception.
Of course not before the guests have the chance to shower them in confetti or rice as is often typical at an Italian wedding.
As you can see in the photographs below the gardens make a stunning backdrop for some posed wedding photography.
And then it’s time for the bride to join the wedding party!
The wedding breakfast is served with the gardens of the villa so the guests can enjoy the last moments of the afternoon.
And then after the speeches it’s a chance for the bride and groom to mingle with their guests.
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