wedding photographer in Sorrento Italy Relais blu cloisters wedding

Sorrento Wedding Photography.

Wedding Photography in Sorrento is always an individual and exciting photography experience for me. The climate and conditions on the Amalfi coast are quite unique and can create a breathtaking backdrop for your wedding photographs.
Whether the vista is Vesuvius
or Capri
Or even the beautiful alleyways of Sorrento
Either way it will give you an unforgettable wedding experience in Italy.
 In this blog I’ve featured wedding photography at two of the locations where you can get married in the town of Sorrento, Villa Antiche Mura
and Chiostro di San Franceso (the cloisters of Saint Francis).

And several locations where you can have your wedding reception or prepare for your wedding.

The Hotel Mediterraneo Sorrento,

The Europa Grand Hotel,

The Palazzo Marziale,

The Grand Hotel Capodimonte,

Or Relais Blu.

As far as your wedding ceremony goes both Villa Antiche Mura and The Cloisters of San Francesco have their own charms.

As a photographer I love the San Francesco Cloisters in Sorrento because it just looks great from any angle!

And for the bride and groom it’s just such a beautiful location to be photographed in

both during and after the ceremony.

And outside of the cloisters there are plenty more photo opportunities

Both by the sea and in the gardens

Villa Antiche Mura is quite a different venue to the cloisters, the main difference being that you can spend your whole day at the Villa.

The ceremony

The apperetif

The wedding breakfast

And of course some time to just enjoy the venue

Sorrento has a huge choice of hotels for either your wedding reception or for your wedding preparations, many of which have the most fantastic views to start off your day.

For Villa Antiche Mura the Hotel Mediterraneo Sorrento is well situated and has wonderful views from many of the rooms.

Or for Chiostro di San Franceso

The Europa Grand Hotel is just around the corner.

Another great choice is the The Grand Hotel Capodimonte

Or if you want to be right next to the cloisters you can’t get any closer than The Palazzo Marziale which is right across the street.

Now if you want your reception away from the centre of Sorrento Relais Blu is a fantastic choice.

The views are breathtaking.

Whether it’s during the day,

or the evening

Or even at the end of the evening around the pool!

Sorrento has so many choices for your wedding and JHales Fotografia can offer wedding photography packages that are perfectly tailored to the needs of the English bride and grooms that decide to get married on the Amalfi Coast.

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