Engagement, Anniversary, Honeymoon? Walking in Rome with a photographer.

There are many different reasons why couples join me in Rome for a photography portrait tour. Whether it be a wedding anniversary, a honeymoon or even photographing a proposal of marriage this service provides them with a lasting memory to cherish and look back on.

So is this for you? Maybe it is, let me give you a few examples of moments in Rome that I’ve photographed.

For me one of the most exciting jobs is photographing a marriage proposal in Rome. I’ve photographed many for couples from the UK, Ireland and North America. As unique one off moments in life go the marriage proposal is one of the most special.

And Rome is the perfect place to propose (even I proposed to my wife in Rome)! Now clearly a lot of planning needs to go into a job like this to make sure we get a great shot.

One proposal particularly comes to mind when thinking back, an English couple that were flying out to Rome for a short break who landed a few hours before a big summer storm was due to hit.

 But we did it, we managed to photograph the proposal in the Villa Boughese Gardens while the weather held and of course she said yes!

And how close did we come to having to revert to the wet weather plan, take a look at the next photograph!

Honeymoon photography in Rome is another event that I often cover.

And it is not uncommon for a couple to even fly out their wedding dress and wedding suit for the photography.

This makes for some great shots as not only do they look great they also get a great reception from the Roman crowds.

For me one of the great parts of this job is that every photography tour in Rome is different, and each couple stamp their unique personality on the day.

Coming to Rome with your wedding dress is a great idea as it means we can get those wedding style photographs without the time pressures that there are on a wedding day.

Now it’s even happened that couples have bought their wedding outfits out to Rome for anniversary photographs. Again a particular job comes to mind. Right in the middle of my packed summer wedding schedule came a request for some anniversary photographs that in the end was too tempting to turn down.

Although they had been married twenty years this bride had secretly flown out her original wedding dress and her grooms original tuxedo to Rome. After having her hair and make up done she managed to completely surprise him by returning to their hotel looking just as she had twenty years ago.

Once he got over the surprise we embarked on one of my most fun tours of Rome which culminated in a very special moment.

As we reached the end of the tour we ended up walking through Campo di Fiori in the early evening. A street band were striking up as we walked though and my couple broke into dance. Immediately a crowd grew and the band played up to the moment playing a romantic number.

It was a wonderful spontaneous moment that didn’t leave a dry eye in the piazza. In fact the moment seemed so perfect the groom actually thought that this was another pre planned surprise!

Not every tour of Rome is that dramatic but they’ve all been fun and for a me a great chance to photograph couples from all over the world in a city as beautiful and diverse as Rome.

So that’s some of the reasons why couples choose to have a photography tour of Rome but for many it’s just because they can.

It’s a chance for them to be photographed in some of the most iconic places in the world let alone Italy.

Not only that, it’s a chance to be photographed in some of the quieter less known parts of Rome.

For each couple they give me as much input into the tour as they want. Some know exactly what they want, some want to be surprised!

But for most they want a little of everything, the places that are recognizable to all, the Colosseum, St Peter’s, the Trevi fountain.

And also the lesser known places like the Giardino degli Aranci, Trastevere or the Campidoglio.

And in-between all this, where we often get the best pictures, all those beautiful and quiet little streets and alleyways that make Rome special.

As a photographer this is the great advantage of Rome, one moment we can be photographing in a crowd of hundreds at the Trevi fountain and then a couple of turns later we can be in a pretty and empty side street where we have all the time and space to come up with some different shots and poses.

Whether you are interested in a photography tour or Rome or just after some ideas of where you can go for some great photographs in Rome here are some of the places I commonly include as we walk around.

I often find one of the parks in Rome is a good place to start with couples as it’s a bit quieter and it gives them time to get used to having their photograph taken.

For me one of my favorites is the Villa Borghese gardens as it has such great diversity.

The park includes everything from Museums, galleries, a cinema in the summer, an ice rink in the winter, and most importantly for me, some beautiful green areas, lakes and temples.

Of the temples there are two that make for some great photographs, The Temple of Aesculapius that is set in the middle of the lake and the Temple of Diana which you can find over by the cinema.

Both make for some great backdrops and both have a beautiful approach that makes for some great shots.

Although I love photographing around the Temple of Aessculapius as the lake makes for a great backdrop the temple of Diana has the advantage that you can actually get inside it to photograph.

Elsewhere in the park are the big open spaces around the Piazza di Sienna. The water clock. And of course the Pician Hill, or Il Pincio as it’s otherwise known.

This naturally leads nicely to Piazza del Popolo, one of my favorite piazzas in Rome.

Missed by some visitors to Rome it includes a huge amount in a small space.

Three churches including Santa Maria Del Popolo, not so obvious next to the Porta del Popolo but worth stepping inside where you can not only see a chapel designed by Raphael, an organ case designed by Bernini but also some of Caravaggios best work.

And outside in the piazza is a great place to people watch and admire the fountains and obelisk.

Often from here we take a walk through some of quieter little streets to the Spanish Steps.

From every angle the Spanish steps can prove to be a great spot for photography.

Now as we are heading into the historical centre of Rome the Trevi fountain is not far away.

And although this is always one of the busiest spots in Rome it’s still possible to get some shots without the crowds.

Of course it helps if you are wearing a wedding dress to get a spot front centre!

Equally it’s also very easy to find a few quiet spots just around the corner.

In the heart of Rome there are photo opportunities everywhere.

So many beautiful spots that catch the light.

And so many streets that just look so typically Roman.

Right in the centre is my favorite monument in Rome, the Pantheon.
Again it’s another location that can be photographed from many angles.

The Pantheon itself.

The fountains.

Or photographing within the pillars.

Or looking back onto the piazza.

From here the option is to either go west or south.

To the west it’s a short walk to Piazza Navona.

This is a great piazza for either photographing around the fountains

or to get some natural shots as couples walk around savoring the atmosphere.

In this part of Rome you are never far away from the river Tibur and by heading north out of the Piazza it’s easy to reach the river and get a shot of St Peter’s in the distance. A shot worth getting day or Night.

If St Peter’s is the destination then this route will take you along the Ponte Sant’Angelo.

And then past the Castel Sant’Angelo.

From which of course St Peter’s is always on the horizon.

The Basilica of St Peter’s again gives many options for photography.

The fountains often catch the sun beautifully here.

And the pillars also make a good backdrop.

Heading south from the Pantheon gives lots of options.

Campo de Fiori is not far away

and neither is the Teatro Marcello

and the temple of Apollo.

Now on the horizon is the Monumento Nazionale a Vittorio Emanuele II

As you wind your way up the steps you can find a number a good angles for photography

but ultimately it’s from the other side that you can get a shot of the Colosseum that most people come up here for.

And of course the Colosseum and the forum are a must have photograph for a lot of couples.

It’s one of the most famous buildings in the world

and synonymous with Rome.

If the Colosseum isn’t somewhere that couples want to end up I often suggest the gardens of the orange trees, Giardino degli Aranci, for a quieter end to the tour.

The gardens and the churches around it make for a nice relaxing place to finish.

The Aventine hill is one of the less visited areas or Rome but certainly one worth including if you have the time.

If any of the above his encouraged you to find out more about taking a walking portrait shoot in Rome then get in touch!


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