Black and White Wedding in Umbria Pt 2

We managed to get these lovely informal shots in just a few minutes as we used the little streets and alleyways of Montefalco to maximum effect.
The centre of Montefalco is at the summit of the hill and all these streets offer fantastic photo opportunities whether you are photographing a wedding or just taking in the view.
But then if you’re really lucky someone will conveniently leave an old Fiat 500 as a prop just to really make the picture unique!
After a few minutes with the bride and groom it was time to get those group shots.
And in the relaxed style of this Umbrian wedding the group shots gave us some fantastic relaxed shots.
Still leaving a little time in between for the bride and groom to have for themselves.
Once we were finished with the aperitifs in Montefalco it was time to make our way to the reception party.
The reception was set up in between the olive groves and grape vines of a local winery.
Which always makes for some great props and back drops.
It’s the perfect place for a party as Montefalco is famous for its Sangrantino wine.
It really was a pleasure to photograph this wedding, the relaxed atmosphere created by the bride and groom made for some of my favorite wedding photographs this summer.
It was clear from the guests reaction too that they had a great time in this unique part of Italy. Umbria is a great location for a wedding, not dissimilar to my own home region of Abruzzo, very traditional and welcoming.
The party carried on well into the night as the guests ate and drank under a canopy of grape vines, what more could you want!
As a footnote I’d like to make one exception to this black and white wedding photography blog, one photograph in colour! I couldn’t resist including this one as only colour can really do justice to this beautiful scenery!
JHales Fototografia is an English Wedding Photographer in Italy.

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