Black and White Wedding in Umbria Pt 1

For a change of perspective with this blog I have decided to just feature some of the black and white images from this wedding in Umbria.
The wedding was at the town hall in the stunning Umbrian hilltop town of Montefalco
and the bride and her half of the wedding party prepared themselves in the luxurious Palazzo Bontadosi Hotel overlooking the piazza and the town hall.
This wedding party was made up of a bride and her family from New Zealand and a groom and his from England. It was a great combination for a fun and relaxed wedding in Italy!
One of the main reasons I love the black and white images from this wedding are the combination of the fashion and the location, together they look timeless and the black and white images add to that feeling for me.
The guests gathered in the main piazza whilst the bride stayed out of sight until they were all in the town hall.
And now it was time for her to make her entrance!
The town hall dates back to the thirteenth century and is the perfect setting for a timeless wedding.
The ceremony itself was meaningful and personal, the brides brother actually performed the translation for the service.
And then after the exchange of rings it was time to lead the guests back into the main piazza for aperitif and to savour the location.
This was a large wedding especially considering how far all these guests had traveled to be there so after the ceremony was a great time for the families to meet and get to know each other.
Then while the guests mingled and enjoyed a glass of wine we took the opportunity to get a few shots of just the bride and groom together.
The story of this wedding continues in part two of this blog.

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