A Personal Wedding in Rome.

A wedding is the most personal moment and even though you may be getting married thousands of miles from home, like this couple, they showed that you really can have the day exactly how you imagined. This couple from the US planned everything themselves and put together an unforgettable wedding in Rome.
The venue for the wedding ceremony was the rooftop terrace garden ‘La terazza del Cesari’ at the Albergo Cesari and both the bride and groom made their preparations in the rooms below.
I photographed the groom and his entourage first as they made their final adjustments to their suits and then it was a across to the bride’s room where we got some great shots of her final preparations.
Whilst this was happening the wedding guests were making their way upstairs to their positions on the terrace.
With a few minutes to spare before the ceremony was to begin we took a moment to get some shots of the bride in her room.
The window made the perfect frame for the shots and the light fell nicely to really accentuate the bride.
And the decor of the room really lent itself to this classical black and white feel of the images.
The weather had been pretty changeable all day but their luck just about held out and with a break in the rain everyone was in position for the ceremony, awaiting the arrival of the bride.
When I’m photographing the bride and her father beginning their walk down the aisle I often wonder what last words of wisdom are said!
With the arrival of the bride we were ready to begin.
I love outdoor weddings and among the rooftops of Rome was a great place to hold a wedding ceremony.
With the vows complete and the exchanging of the rings the wedding was complete.
The ceremony was taken by the grooms sister and the flower arch under which they all stood was actually brought out with them from the States! Nothing like the personal touch on your wedding day.
The weather just held out as the couple made their way inside for aperitivi.
I always enjoy this next part of the day when everyone’s mingling after the ceremony. Although it can be a tricky to keep the bride and groom in shot when you do catch them it makes for some lovely dynamic shots.
And even with several guests between myself and the couple there’s always the chance to pick out a few details from the day.
After all that planning it all happens so fast, I love this picture below as it catches the bride just taking a  momentary pause.
And in the end blue skies prevailed so we took the chance to go back out onto the terrace and really capture the beautiful backdrop.
And from the other side of the terrace too the weather was coming good.
For me Rome is all about the architecture and I love the textures in the building below with the shutters and the weathered stonework it’s a picture that is so typical Rome.
While the guests too a breather, myself and the bride and groom made a quick outing into the streets of Rome to get some shots around some of the iconic locations. First stop was the Trevi fountain where the couple received a great ovation and lots of attention. And as usual everyone was very kind in making room for us for a few minutes.
From the Trevi fountain we made our way across to the Pantheon, one of my favorite buildings and one of the great icons of Rome.
And of course the great thing about Rome is that there is a photo opportunity around every corner.
Even just a door way makes for a great backdrop in Rome!
Our last stop was Piazza Navona.
And a lovely shot at Bernini’s Fountain of the Four Rivers.
Always time for one more shot on the way back to the hotel of course!
Afterwards the whole wedding party took a stroll through the streets of Rome to Da Pancrazio for a banquet of a meal.
The couple chose this restaurant for two reasons, the history, the restaurant is on the site of the Theatre of Pompey, the location of the assassination of Julius Caeser.
And of course the fantastic food. Ahead was an evening of many courses of traditional Roman food.
Great credit to this couple for putting together such a fantastic day, organising their own wedding location, ceremony and evening from some distance away. It really had the personal touch and it also encompassed all that is fantastic about getting married in Rome.
Looking for a Wedding photographer in Rome then follow the link through to my website or contact me on this blog.
Brides hair and make up was by Janita Helova

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